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GlenMythos LaManchas

We maintain a small, competitive herd of LaMancha dairy goats bred for  structural correctness, production, health and soundness.  All kids, including bucklings, are bottle-raised and handled extensively.  Cleanliness, uncrowded barns and room to roam contribute to the excellent health of our herd.  Our entire herd is annually tested CAE (negative) via Washington State University, and TB/ Brucellosis (negative) by our State diagnostic laboratory.  We strongly believe in the value of preventive medicine, and our animals are on a rigorous vaccination and parasite control program.  We feed a 16% dairy goat ration, perennial peanut hay, and free-choice minerals to supplement the acres of pasture and woods on which the herd browses.

We feel that ADGA's linear appraisal program is an extremely beneficial source of information, and use this data extensively in our breeding decisions.  We appraise all our animals (bucks, kids, does) on an annual basis, and individual animal data is available on request.  Our 2004 average final score on milkers was 87.125.  We also participate in DHIA milk production testing, and are proud to own the high-producing Florida LaMancha 
( Persephone ) for 2002.  Our home-bred doe Glen-Mythos Medea 2*M, earned the honor of being a National LaMancha Breedleader for her 2003 lactation.  Due to time constraints, we only attend a few shows each year.  Notwithstanding, we have finished several of our animals, and many others have earned 1 or 2 champion legs, and at this time, all our home-bred doelings due to freshen in 2004-2005 have earned their Junior legs.

We follow and support ADGA's code of recommended trade practices, as well as the IAFE's code of ethics.  We do not show finished animals in open classes, and do not show doelings with junior legs again until they freshen.

We are able to ship kids out of Tampa International Airport.  Health certificates are provided,  however actual transportation costs (including crate and any required testing) are the responsibility of the purchaser.  To maintain our herd at a manageable size, we will also offer select adult animals.

We offer a discount to bonafide 4-H or FFA members and for purchasers of multiple animals.  We can accept credit card payments through PayPal- contact us for details.

Mara Ricci DVM
Bret Gaboardi

2003 Highlights:

We had a very limited 2003 show season due to time and work constraints.  Our milkers only attended one show.  Nonetheless, we finished Patch with a Best-in-Show, one junior (Mauretania) earned a JCH leg at the Florida State Fair, and another junior (Valhalla) was JRCH at the Pasco fair at 2 months old!  We only brought one buck (yearling, StormBringer) to the 2003 RutFest, but he did us proud going GCH and BOB over the "big boys" in 2 of 3 rings.
We again linear appraised all animals (does, bucks, kids) and enjoyed a mean final score on mature animals of 87.4!  All our homebred kids earned only V's or Ec's in all major categories and final scores.

2004 Summary:

We attended 5 shows; here are the highlights:
South FL Fair: 4 doelings, 2 classes:  2x1st, 2x2nd; Valkyrie JrGCH, Valhalla JrRGCH; 1st place Produce of Dam, Get of Sire, Breeder's Trio.

Florida State Fair:  Macaela 1x1st, 1st Udder 

Goats-In-Gatorland:  Valhalla JrGCH

Clarkesville, GA:  Movona GCH, Tauremorna JrGCH, Wilwarin JrRGCH, StormBringer 2xGCH, 2xBBIS

Lawrenceville, GA:  Silwen, Proserpine, Morwen (Jrs):  1st, 2nd, 3rd place; Silwen JrGCH, BJrDIS.

Our Linear Appraisal was again very consistent with our previous scorings.  We were pleased that the average final score on our mature goats was 87.5.   All retained kids and juniors were appraised with overall V and E ratings!

2005 Summary (in progress):

South Florida Fair:  Two junior and two senior doe shows, two judges:  Valkyrie 2XGCH; Valhalla 1XRGCH; Caterwaul 1XRGCH
2X1st place Senior Produce of Dam, Get of Sire, Dairy Herd.
Proserpine 1XJGCH, 1XBJDIS; Morwen 1XJRGCH, 1XJGCH.
There were no jr groups the first show, and pulling Proserpine from the next meant we did not compete in jr group classes held that day.

Lyra with kids May, 2003
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