CH Glen-Mythos Stormbringer *B
GlenMythos LaManchas

Color:  Chocolate with white, tan marks                  D.O.B.  1/06/02

Linear Appraisal :     2-05:  90  VEE
                                     1-04:  90  VEE

          Stormbringer is everything we had hoped for in this carefully planned breeding, so we've used him heavily in our breeding program.   He's a mild-mannered and very smooth-moving buckling, with plenty of width to go with his outstanding stature and excellent dairy character.  People who've seen him have remarked at how he resembles his sire, Firestorm, who is currently ranked #3 in USDA's "Elite Sire" list for type and production.  Stormbringer was shown five times in 2002, and was four time junior champion.  He was number one LaMancha in the 2nd quarter ADGA young sire development program, with positive ETA's in both ratios!  His first kids arrived in December 2002, and are correct, tall, flashy and true to type.  His pedigree contains many high-appraising, productive and show-worthy animals.

2004 Update:  Stormbringer did us proud by finishing with a Best-In Show win!  His offspring also are showing very well- out of all his 2002 does (kept and sold) all have earned their dry championship legs, and one has a BJDIS to her credit!  In addition, his 2002 son has a CH and a BBIS to his credit, and is producing lovely kids for his owner, including one with a BJDIS win!  His 2004 kids were only shown once, placing 1st ,2nd, 3rd in their class, with Silwen going on to receive JCH and BJDIS over 134 doelings!

2005 Update:  Stormbringer's other 2002 doelings owned by us also earned their JrCh legs, with Proserpine going BJrDIS at the South Florida Fair!  We love the style he throws in his kids, and look forward to taking them back in the show ring as milkers in 2006!  Stormbringer's first milking daughter, Valkyrie, finished her CH under 2 different judges, less than two weeks fresh, at her first show as a milker!


                                        SSS:  K-Lou A Flashy Candyman ++*B
                                                      LA  4-05  88  VVE

                       SS:  Windysprings Candyman Zephyr +*B
                                   LA  2-05  86  VEV
                                   SSD:  Windysprings Merry Sea Breeze 5*M
                                                    LA  8-05  90  EEEE

Sire:  GCH Winterwood's Z Firestorm ++*B
             LA  3-04  88  VEV

                                         SDS:  Krishellen Shine-On's Laser ++B
                                                       LA  3-02  87  VEE

                       SD:  GCH Winterwood's L Wildfire 2*M
                                   LA  5-04  89  E+EE

                                        SDD:  GCH Winterwood's D Wildflower 1*M
                                                       LA  7-03  90  EEEE


                                        DSS:  GCH Me's Ranch Dutch Belted ++*B
                      DS:  GCH Meyer's MRDB Brutus Beefcake +*B
                                  LA  4-04  90  EEE

                                         DSD:  GCH Meyer's Cajun Cleopatra 1*M
                                                        LA  8-04  91  EEEE
                                                        RCH 1994 National Show

Dam:  GCH Meyer's MBBC Patchwork 3*M
              LA  5-04  90 EVEE
            DHIA  4-00  305  1973  3.5  69  3.0  60
                        2-11  305  1787  4.1  74  3.0  53

                                         DDS:  GCH Meyer's MRDH Hakuna Matata +*B
                       DD:  Meyer's MHM Imari 2*M
                                   LA  2-04  86  VV+E

                                         DDD:  GCH Caprine-De-Wyo BB Semisweet 1*M
                                                        LA  6-02  90  EEEE